Any empire starts with a small stone; VAIPRA started its first stone by trading RAW GOLD DORE BAR. VAIPRA IMPEX PRIVATE LIMITED initially started by purchasing RAW GOLD DORE BAR from local small-scale miners, smelt them into our desired weight and exporting them to our customers in ASIAN Countries.

We focused mainly on small miners who can have a greater number of people covering the southern part of GHANA. The reason behind this is to be getting all types of Purities and Karats. With the collection of all metals, we export to GOLD Refineries.

Our Business Locations





VAIPRA's other stepping stone is Refinery. We are setting up a world-class GOLD refinery in DUBAI, where we can trade, Refine, Manufacture & Retail the GOLD. VAIPRA started its presence in DUBAI in the name and style of VAIPRA GLOBAL DMCC. As in the name, it does all activities of GOLD. Being in GOLD Hub, we purchase GOLD Globally, we refine Raw Gold, we manufacture Ornaments, we sell to wholesalers.

Our Leader

Suresh Babu Muppa

Chairman of Vaipra group of companies.

A torchbearer showing a path. Started his carrier as an employee and made his mark in his work. With his experience, he started his own company and gave employment to youth.

He has expanded his experience widely and started a few companies. He is into Agro Business, Broadcasting, Construction, Finance, GOLD Refinery, HR Consultancies, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate & Mining is in progress.

His main policy is LIVE & LET OTHERS LIVE. He believes in a WIN-WIN strategy as a business.