Vaipra Impex

Our Mines in Ghana

Vaipra Impex Private Limited started with a mission and vision to be a leader in GOLD Business: a leader with an outstanding presence in all the steps of GOLD processing. In this regard, VAIPRA has taken a giant step to be a part of GOLD Trading in Ghana. Ghana is the second-largest gold mining country in Africa and can boast of being the sixth largest around the globe. VAIPRA IMPEX PRIVATE LIMITED started in Ghana with the sole aim of purchasing and exporting RAW GOLD DORE BAR.

Vaipra Impex Private Limited is an internationally recognized gold trading company registered with various local regulatory bodies such as the Ghana Minerals Commission, Precious Minerals Marketing Company (PMMC), Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) etc; hence, making sure that all our operations are within the legal framework of the law.

We have the potential of exporting 50 kilograms of GOLD DORE BARS per week to any country worldwide. We also have expertise in gold refining and molding in different weights and sizes.

We're committed to creating a work environment where everyone can go home safe and healthy every day, and where everyone actively contributes to this outcome; operating in line with strong environmental, social and governance practices; developing a diverse workforce; and developing and maintaining strong relationships with our communities and governments.


Our Code of Conduct, Corporate governance framework and a comprehensive suite of company policies protect against illegal and inappropriate behaviours, such as fraud, bribery, corruption, discrimination, bullying and articulate our position on safety, health, human rights, environment, communities and security.

Ghana is our main location for Mining and refinery activities. This location has potential opportunities for all 3 types of mining

  1. Underground Mining

  2. Open Surface Mining

  3. Placer Mining.

We started with Open Surface Mining for GOLD & Refinery in GHANA.